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West Braces for Electric Car Shock
Not too long back, electric cars were sci-fi. Today, they are real, and tomorrow they are going to come out in hundreds of thousands in US & Europe. Nissan Leaf rolls out of production lines in October, Chevrolet Volt in November, and BMW Mini E soon after. The problem is many of them demand as much electric power as an average Western household. Experts say the electric car launches has the potential to trip the grids of America & Europe. But on the flipside, their advent is going to put the thrust on green energies like wind power.

Polo for Volume
First Europe’s #1 car maker tested India with group brand Skoda. Then came the higher test with Audi. Then came the turn of VW’s ‘own’ makes – Passat, Beetle, & Jetta. So far so good. But nothing ground shaking. ‘Coz this is India, where volumes call the shots. Volkswagen is not new to volumes, and was expected to bring up Polo sooner rather than later. The only surprise is the price and what you get for the price. In one master-stroke, VW has taken on the fastest growing segment in the country with Polo – the high-end sub-compact. Not an easy or painless decision, considering that the premium Polo is priced even below its internationally cheaper cousin Skoda Fabia. With prices starting at Rs. 4.34 lakhs for the entry-level petrol variant, and with Polo’s Chakan plant having 1,10,000 annual capacity, the greater ambition is clear. The timing wouldn’t have been more perfect. Auto granddaddy Toyota’s image has been dented for the first time, and sub-compact sector leader Maruti Suzuki just registered its highest ever historical monthly sales. Incidentally, this new volume play coincides with what happened internationally just three months back – VW which had long back upstaged GM, zipped past Toyota too in production numbers. Polo is in no doubt Volkswagen’s India volume strategy, but it promises the Indian car buyer more for less.

Indian Cities, Neighbourhoods & Residential Projects
You knew what you were looking for, all along. That is how you zeroed in here. You wanted the environs to lift your mood, groom your kids. A place where you can get the world’s best stuff next door, and a place from where you and your family can raid each nook and corner of the city, at will, without delay. Some days you prefer rail, some days the highway, and some days you would rather be away, long away. The investor in you also approved of the place. It would be a legacy for your kids. But you were not so sure about the developers, the projects to choose from. Will your selection rob you of your peace, you were worried. A compilation of neighbourhoods in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, & NCR, including Andheri, Saki Naka, Mahalaxmi, Powai, Chandivali, Jacob Circle, Borivali, Oshiwara, Palm Beach Road, Chembur, Virar, Kalyan etc in Mumbai; Kondwa, Kharadi etc in Pune; Jayanagar, Airport Road etc in Bangalore; Sriperumbudur, Maraimalai Nagar, Padur etc in Chennai; Sonepat in NCR, and many more, as well as project details of Orbit Residency Park, Sobha Carnation, India Bulls Sky Suites, DB Orchid Heights, Nahar Amrity Shakti, Kanakia Samarpan Royale, Wadhwa Imperial Heights, Palm Beach Residency, Ajmera Pristine, Unitech Residences, Prestige White Meadows, & Hiranandani Palace Gardens.

Don't Kill Mumbai, India's Only Global Bet
The British had first bet on Kolkata as India's global city. Even after Independence, that bet's power lingered on, and till the mid 60s, Kolkata was the country's economic powerhouse. But then came the narrowmindedness, the over-confidence, the complacency. It was the same fate that befell the once almighty Tokyo. While Singapore surged using Tokyo's fall, in India it was the turn of Mumbai to make good of Kolkata's decline. But all along this history, the city of London has held its forte as this globe's No. 1 financial destination, even while the British Empire withered. London and Singapore are examples of global cities that are more powerful than even whole nations. Unfortunately, India's best global bet as of now, Mumbai, is also showing those same symptoms as Tokyo and Kolkata, argues noted writer Sanjeev Sanyal.

Till the Next Increment Do Us Part
Can love survive when a woman earns more than a man? A fabulous story from UK, but for which India is already bracing

Prevention Not Better Than Cure?
Experts say US doctors overtesting, overtreating. Even Obama can't say no to them.

Cars Our Cricketers Drive
What do they - Sachin, Dhoni, Ganguly, Sehwag, Harbhajan, Gambhir, Pathan, Yuvaraj, Dravid, Sharma, & Sreesanth - drive around?

Google from Your Mobile for Metro Routes, Updates.
After Chennai, Kolkata, & Hyderabad Metros, Delhi Metro routes too are now on Google Maps.

Size Zero to Plus Size,
Anorexia to Comfort Eating
All about eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, comfort eating, and how fashionable is fashion induced eating habits?

Sexy Dressing, Sharing a Drink, & Small Talk are Rape Invitations
And wonder of onders, this is not men saying. In a survey it is women who feel that rape is often the fault of the victims. Interestingly, men are not agreeing.

Have You Run Into These Mistakes?
Avoid these five common mistakes while jogging.

Even Superstars Want to be Supermoms
Aishwarya Rai keen on motherhood.

Mirror, mirror, Who is the fairest Bahu?
Is it Kajol or Aishwarya Rai?

Social Net Hotter Than TV, Mobile, Even Porn
Young men are hooked on the web - even in bed.

Sachin Special
Not Almighty, Just Sachin
Even Dreams Come True for Him
Studies Serious in Cricket's First Family
Karma is Cricket, Karma Phala, Can be Bharat Ratna

How a HERB Created a Billionaire
The Story of KC Abraham & Musli Power Extra

25 Weeks, 250 Grams, But Too Strong to Die
World's smallest ever baby boy weighs only 250 grams.

Ready for Video Everywhere?
LTE breakthrough for mobile television.

Do Boys Buy in Dubai?
Yep. Boy, 11, buys property worth $44m in Dubai.

Vidya Balan Sure that she Deserves a House

Keypads, Touchscreen, and now No Touch

Slims Not too Lazy, Not too Active

Ageing Still Shocks Amitabh

Hold Your Breath at this Diver's Feat

Beware, Mind Reading Machines Arrive

How Senior Friendly, Disabled Friendly is UK?

BMW Eyes E-Class Volumes with 5 Series

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