Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Musli Power X-Tra Eyes Overseas Markets, Ten Fold Growth

After bagging key Indian patent for Musli Power X-Tra, Kunnath Pharma is focussing on mega sports promotion initiatives at an investment of Rs. 100 crore plus, to power ten-fold growth this year and strengthening overseas sales.

Patent No. 241602 is for an ayurvedic performance enhancing drug. Issued by Government of India’s Patent Office to KC Abraham, will it be enough to take his company to the next level, we asked him directly.

“This is the first in a string of patents we would be aiming for Musli Power X-Tra in different countries. This is an important step for us, as we don’t want unhealthy competitors for this product which is an invention of mine,” says this patentee.

Patents are, of course, for inventions, and the current patent to Abraham is for inventing this ‘herbal formulation used as a health restorative and to treat sexual dysfunction.’ The patent legally protects Musli Power X-Tra’s maker Kunnath Pharmaceuticals from anybody copying the formulation for 20 years.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals which already does brisk business is, however, aiming for a ten-fold jump to Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 crore, this year.

Powering this growth is Abraham’s penchant for sports promotion, having come from a family that contributed an Olympian to the nation. (KC Abraham is the brother of India’s former Olympian Rosakutty).

Explaining the business logic behind, Abraham says, “Musli Power X-Tra is a performance enhancing drug. We started off with smaller sports sponsorships and endorsements, and are now entering the big league.”

He surprised the nation’s football scene recently when he announced an investment of Rs. 100 crore to start a national football academy. This shot went a lot longer than the conventional volleys corporates do by way of sponsoring teams and stars.

Says Abraham, “All the expenses of the 60 selected boys will be taken care of and their only agenda will be to play football. We will reward them handsomely as they progress and they will be paid an unbelievable amount of money for just playing football. My aim is that my boys will win the World Cup in 2018 and it is for that I am spending Rs. 100 crore.”

To give the initiative a jumpstart, Abraham is taking over Viva Kerala soccer club. Earlier, Kunnath had sponsored Goa’s Churchill Brothers.

Abraham is not restricting his sports promotion to just soccer, and is sponsoring Sri Lanka’s Wayamba Elevens for the Champions League T20 Tournament in South Africa. And the diligent entrepreneur he is, Abraham will personally visit Johannesburg to oversee how the initiative pans out. Sri Lanka is an emerging market of importance for Musli Power X-Tra.

Musli Power X-Tra is also a sponsor of the upcoming Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. “Both events would be fruitful for us, reflecting our emerging focus on international markets, concludes Abraham, standing up from a long chat in his corporate office in Kochi, and off to start his next meeting with organizers of another sporting event who have come for discussions.

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