Thursday, December 15, 2016

Aster Medcity Kochi - Years Ahead of Competition?

Kochi is only a Tier-II city of India, but it is home to arguably one of the best multi super-speciality hospitals in India. Aster Medcity was so when it was launched a few years back, and Aster Medcity remains so even now, being the first JCI accredited quaternary care hospital in Kerala. Seasonal Magazine takes a look at the unique strengths that makes Aster Medcity years ahead of its competition.

International Tie-ups:

Aster Medcity has recently entered into a tie-up with USA’s Thomas Jefferson University whose flagship is the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. TJU is the largest free-standing health sciences university in the US state of Philadelphia and the tie-up will help Aster in taking its already successful multi-organ transplant program to world-class levels. Soon to follow will be a tie-up in the bone marrow transplant program. The TJU team was highly appreciative of the landmark surgeries performed at Aster, including the first split liver transplant, and the first simultaneous pancreas kidney transplant, among others.

Inspiring Leadership:

Aster Medcity as well as its parent Aster DM Healthcare have been founded by Padmasri Dr. Azad Moopen, a renowned doctor turned medical entrepreneur, whose achievements in the field are unparalleled in Middle East and India. While Dr. Moopen had visited many of the best healthcare facilities in the world, and implemented some of the best practices he found there, across his chain, it was a visit to the famed Mayo Clinic of USA that inspired him to start Aster Medcity. He has conceptualized the state-of-the-art facility with one Multi-speciality hospital and eight Centres of Excellence.

Transformational Management:
Aster Medcity is led by its CEO Dr. Harish Pillai who is also the Cluster Head for parent Aster DM Healthcare’s Kerala operations that spans two more hospitals. A medical doctor with MHA from Apollo Institute and MBA from Frankfurt, Germany, Dr. Harish Pillai was earlier the CEO of Egypt’s biggest JCI accredited private tertiary care Hospital for 7 years, and before that, Director of a leading Dubai based hospital. The Chief of Medical Services at Aster Medcity is Dr. V Narayanan Unni, a doctor with 3 decades of experience and profound knowledge in all aspects of medicine, who was formerly with Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Community Engagement:

Aster Medcity has been contributing to the community through its CSR wing, Dr. Moopen’s Foundation. It is doing pioneering work, along with government agencies, in Nelliyampathy, where a large number of cancer cases, affecting the intestinal tract, blood, lungs, and liver, along with a high rate of congenital disorders are prevalent among the plantation workers. Aster Medcity has also been at the forefront of an initiative to clean up the Periyar River from the increasing level of plastic debris polluting it. Many specialist doctors of Aster, across it specialities, have also been at the forefront of educating the masses on emerging health problems.

Unparalleled Technology:

Aster Medcity has several advanced medical technologies that are not found elsewhere in Kerala, and very rare in most Indian hospitals too. Aster has Robotic Surgery with the famed da Vinci Robot - a highly advanced surgical Robot that performs minimally invasive surgeries with utmost precision across seven super specialities. Aster's 22 Operation Theatres are also the first implementations in South India of the world's best ORI Fusion Digital Integrated OTs using Karl Storz OR1 Fusion, which is a leader across Asia Pacific. Aster Medcity also features latest diagnostics and the first robotic pharmacy in India.

Impressive Specialists:

Aster Medcity has so far succeeded in attracting some of the finest medical talents from across Kerala and India, across its 8 Centres of Excellence and its Multi-speciality hospital. These physicians and surgeons are shining all the more since coming to Aster, as for many of them their full potential is being unleashed now as the superior systems available at Aster allows them to focus more on their passion of healing. The team is also noted for its right blend of experience and knowledge, maturity and youthfulness. Each department of Aster Medcity is not reliant on a single reputed doctor, but has several reputed doctors working as a team.

Impeccable Parentage:

Aster Medcity is by Aster DM Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare chains in Asia, spanning several Middle East countries, India, and Philippines. Its noted healthcare brands include Aster, MIMS, Prime, Access, Medcare, & DM WIMS. In India, it is present in several Indian cities including Kochi, Bengaluru Hyderabad, Kozhikode, Wayanad, & Kolhapur. The Group excels across various formats of healthcare, including quaternary care hospitals, smaller clinics, and retail pharmacies. Altogether Aster runs 15 hospitals, 83 clinics, and 180 retail pharmacies. Aster Medcity is the pinnacle of the Group’s achievements.

Healing Ambience:

Everything about Aster Medcity lives up to its slogan – ‘We’ll Treat You Well.” Aster has been designed, built, and operated upon a higher understanding that it is not just specialists or technology that heals, but the ambience and the invisible systems that go on with clockwork precision. A visit to Aster doesn’t feel like a visit to a 670-bed quaternary care facility, but to a lovely 40-acre waterfront campus which is tranquilizing in its effect. Spacious rooms, lounges, and facilities assure privacy, access, and peace. Last but not the least, comes the very helpful support staff comprising of certified nurses and qualified technicians.

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