Friday, October 26, 2012

Musli Power Maker Launches New Products and Nationwide CSR Program

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals, the makers of controversial Ayurvedic drug, Musli Power Xtra, is making the best of their corporate resurrection after their flagship product was cleared by labs, courts, and drug agencies.

Apart from launching five new products, the Kochi headquartered proprietary drug maker is all set to roll out a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, which will touch over 1 lakh needy family members in the Indian society, in its first phase.

The new products from the Kunnath stable are Musli Power Premium (for men), Musli Power Eve (for women), Breath Power X-tra, Dia-Rid, & Liv Power X-tra.

To address over 1 lakh family members initially, Kunnath Pharma founder Dr. KC Abraham has decided to address the segment of auto & taxi drivers in its first phase.

The new products were launched in New Delhi during the recently concluded mammoth Ayurvedic Exhibition, Musli Power Arogya Utsav, which saw 120 Ayurvedic product companies from all over the country enthusiastically putting up stalls. The exhibition was also noted for the professional but free medical advice to visitors by Kunnath Pharma’s panel of doctors.

The launch was a high-profile event being done by former Central Minister and MP Oscar Fernandes, and TV superstar Mukesh Khanna of ‘Bhishma’ and ‘Shaktiman’ fame.

A similar event is being planned in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for the launch of the new CSR initiative. Thousands of auto & taxi drivers in the city would be gifted with a kit that will include high-quality wrinkle-free khaki uniforms, besides other items for everyone in their family.

After Jaipur, each major city will witness this generous CSR program, with around 5000 drivers addressed in each city or state, to make up 25,000 drivers in the first phase.

Dr. KC Abraham informed that the initiative is a salute towards our brethren in the drivers’ community who safely transfer tens of thousands of women, children, & elderly towards their destinations, that are near and far, day in and day out.

The new CSR program is in commemoration of the company coming out unscathed from the allegations instigated by big-pharma companies, and successfully launching five new products, addressing most in the family.

Abraham also claimed that like their flagship product Musli Power X-tra, all the five new products are made of 100% herbal ingredients, with no side effects, and that it can be taken with other medications.

The new products from the Group are designed to address the needs of different members of the family. While Musli Power Premium is intended for general debility and lethargy for middle-aged and aged men, Musli Power Eve is directed at general debility and lethargy in women.

Breath Power X-Tra is intended for cough and congestion of the chest, while Dia-Rid is for sugar metabolism. Liv Power X-Tra is designed for detoxification of liver.

On being asked why Kunnath is not entering the FMCG sub-segment of Ayurvedic cosmetics like fairness creams, hair oils etc, Dr. Abraham said that he is very particular that Kunnath’s formulations should work. According to him, there is no point in launching products just for pushing sales using advertisements.

Dr. Abraham expects the fame of effectiveness that Kunnath obtained from Musli Power X-Tra would prompt customers to try the five new products too.

Apart from the new CSR initiative, the companies existing line of social works include financial aid to 4000 economically challenged students and senior citizens, as well as Utilities and Bus Shelters in metro cities like New Delhi & Mumbai.

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