Monday, September 1, 2014

When MS Ramaiah Became a University, What Changed?

What are the pros & cons of graduating from Bangalore's MS Ramaiah University?

MS Ramaiah needs no introduction in South India’s higher education landscape. And 20 years back, it needed no introduction even among North Indian aspirants. Because, if Bangalore was the Mecca of self-financing professional education in the country, MS Ramaiah Group of Educational Institutions was its Kaaba.

In some ways, most of the latter day self-financing wonders like Amity, SRM, Lovely etc in North India was modelled on the success of Bangalore’s leaders like MS Ramaiah. But, unfortunately for MSR, many of them went on to greater glory and size in the newer private/deemed university space.

Maybe, MS Ramaiah was late into this game, starting only last year. But can a pioneer be late in any sense?

It can’t be as Chancellor and MS Ramaiah’s son, Dr. MR Jayaram has been proving. Unlike many upstart private universities, MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS) has burst on to the scene with much momentum, as it was created by the coming together of MS Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (started in 1999), MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management (started in 1993), MS Ramaiah College of Pharmacy (started in 1992), MS Ramaiah Dental College (started in 1991) and the MS Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre (started in 2012) - all full-fledged and reputed institutions of their own merit.

The result is multiple state-of-the-art campuses, as well as a faculty strength of 250 professors/lecturers to start with. Almost all most popular undergraduate programs  like BTech, BDes, BHM, BPharm, PharmD, BDS etc and postgraduate programs including MTech, MDes, MBA, MHA, MPharm, MHM, MDS, MCom, Msc etc are available.

From the viewpoint of prospective students, what has changed since MSR became a university? Maybe the fees has become a tad higher to accommodate for the higher infra costs but in lieu comes a more updated curriculum that is relevant to industry or professional practice.

But there is no doubt that Dr. Jayaram and his team including Vice-Chancellor Prof. SR Shankapal would do everything in their might to make up for lost time in the private university space.

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